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Telecommunication is transmission over a distance for the purpose of communication. In earlier times, this may have involved the use of smoke signals, drums, semaphore, flags or heliograph. In modern times, telecommunication typically involves the use of electronic devices such as the telephone, television, radio or computer. Early inventors in the field of telecommunication include Alexander Graham Bell, Guglielmo Marconi and John Logie Baird. Telecommunication is an important part of the world economy and the telecommunication industry's revenue was estimated to be $1.2 trillion in 2006.
Based on Rivermine (2004) stated that a new breed of network centric organization has emerged whose business processes and telecommunications networks are linked. Reliance on the network as a business enabling and enhancement infrastructure has expanded the traditional definition of telecommunications management for these network centric organizations to include analysis and optimization of telecommunications networks and assets. The accuracy and allocation of invoices for expense and contract management, which is the focus of current enterprise telecommunications management (ETM) solutions, while still an important expense management tool, is no longer the most important issue for network centric organizations. Being able to analyze their telecommunications network and use that network to sustain and enhance their organization’s performance are now the key requirements.